Floor decking is used in civil construction market and industry, produced standards: ASTM A653 / A653M / A792M ASTM JIS G3302 and / JIS G332.

>> Component floor deck


– Galvanized Steel: ASTM Standard A653 / A653M / JIS G3302

– Zinc aluminum coated steel: ASTM A792M Standard / JIS G3321

Specifications of floor decking:


+ Thickness Plate Floor Deck: 0:58 – 2,6mm

+ Floor Deck Wave height: H = 50mm

+ Strength Steel Floor: G = (300-450)

+ Distortion Deck Flooring: H50W1000 and H50W996

Advantages of steel floor plate Decking:

– Do not be deformed when erect, travel easily.

– Installation of convenience are not used to scaffolding, quick.

– Concrete surface cracking

– Reduce the load for nails, volume materials

– Cost and low construction costs.

Application of steel floor Decking:

– Floors industrial steel structures

– Floors with multistage architecture

– Using technology in shipbuilding

– The building, home improvement by structural assemblies, upgraded floors.

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