Formdeck PROSCO W930-H50

Product code : PRODECK H50-W930

Price : Liên hệ

Panels Dedicated PROSCO 930-50 deck is part of the structure of composite steel floor system includes concrete elements: concrete poured on site on steel plate fixation is produced by the method of cold rolled and mesh steel.

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PROSCO 930-50 deck floor is part of a system constructed of composite steel concrete floor covering components: in-situ concrete layer on the steel plate fixation is produced by the method of cold rolled and wire mesh.

Three leveling deck PROSCO role associated with the system’s structural steel frame works as formwork and floor system when concrete floor is wet.

Floor deck was kind PROSCO 930-50 produced from black steel, galvanized steel and aluminum zinc alloy coated coils ÷ 1,60mm 0,6mm thickness, square wave shaped, wave height 50 mm.

The material is produced according to the following criteria:
+ Galvanized Steel: ASTM Standard A653 / A653M / JIS G3302
+ Zinc aluminum coated steel: ASTM A792M Standard / JIS G3321

The advantage when using dedicated deck slab PROSCO 930-50:
+ The floor structure is relatively lightweight, reducing the work load.
+ Production, transportation, installation simple, fast execution speed.
+ Reduce the cost of the project being selected from the design stage.
+ Used diverse structural steel construction for high-rise buildings and industrial construction.

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